Eco Noir (part 2 of series)

“You are both the detective and the criminal.” Tim Morton Dark Ecology

I turn the key in the ignition, I’m a criminal.
I forget to take my own bag to the grocery, I’m a criminal.
I fired my clay sculpture at x degrees, I’m a criminal.

I read about lie of carbon capture, I’m a detective.
I forward articles about ocean of plastic, I’m a detective.
I hear how Europe failed to pass resolution to go carbon neutral by 2050, I’m a (sad) detective.

At some point you figure out (detective) that you did it (criminal).
Anagnorisis = Eco-awareness.

One thought on Eco Noir (part 2 of series)

  1. I am intrigued by this series of yours, Harah, and particularly appreciate this poem. My thoughts–although not so poetically phrased by any means–exactly. This very book-proposal week. Maybe a demonstration instead of an exhibit?

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