Harah Frost

3rd quote

Personal Atmosphere or The Case For Self-indulgence

Overcome a melancholy by studying it.

Thomas MacCarthy (more…)

2nd quote

Her soul seemed a cold, separate thing, while her body was weightless, humid, its contours exposed and scarcely natural. It was hard to say which was unworthy of the other.
Transit of Venus Shirley Hazzard (Penguin, p. 77) (more…)


She did not chose to have many thoughts her husband could divine, for fear she might come to despise him.

Shirley Hazzard The Transit of Venus p.17


First of the Day

Arriving at the blank page/canvas/microphone represents our coming to the end of the undecided space we call living. Now we must get down to telling, painting, working.



Welcome to my new website

I’ve updated my site with many more photos of my recent work.  Please have a look around the portfolio and contact me if you have any questions or comments!  Or feel free to leave a comment below…